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Sep 5, 2018

Innovation Database: Explore Europe’s proptech landscape with one click

The proptech landscape is changing at rapid speed with more and more startups committed to filling a gap in the real estate industry through offering a valuable and unique solution. Although this is great news and a very exciting time for those involved, it comes with its own problems as the community continues to grow.

One of the major issues that comes as a result of this sudden growth is a loss of overview. Startups are popping up all over Europe – and most likely the rest of the world too – offering very similar solutions. The Real Estate Innovation Database offers real estate startups a research tool: they can find their competition or simply discover similar products and services. This will allow the proptechs to offer an optimised and truly individual product to the industry.

A similar problem occurs with branding and names: tech companies enter the real estate market with similar names because they lack situational awareness. It is obvious why this might be a huge problem. Therefore, ten minutes of research via the Real Estate Innovation Database could help startups to position themselves in today’s competitive real estate markets, to increase customer loyalty, and to avoid costly rebrandings.

How can the Real Estate Innovation Network help solve this problem?

The Innovation Database comes with four filters (topic, year, phase, and country) that allow users to narrow down their search and find the most suitable companies and solutions that they are looking for. Thus, the Innovation Database is a powerful tool for startups, students, researchers, investors, and corporates. With access to hundreds of real estate startup across Europe, founders will be able to individualise their product to a greater level.

In order to list your company in the Innovation Database, simply register here. We look forward to welcoming you to the Real Estate Innovation Network!