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Feb 14, 2018

Dr. Stephan Wilhelm: „The real estate industry needs new ideas.“

The real estate industry needs new ideas and the willingness to grab them!

We’ve already invented a lot in Germany: telefax, the computer, and MP3 are only a few examples. In those particular cases, we managed to succeed economically through our products and services. However, the associated products and services are often built by companies from abroad.

Asides the grand ideas, it is extremely important to have a marketable product or to produce a service that can successfully be placed in the market. This principle also applies to the real estate industry; the current wave of digitalisation has also seized this industry. Greenfield projects should in the future be planned digitally by means of Building Information Modelling (BIM). With the introduction of bidirectional, digital workflows in interdisciplinary teams, a central and digital twin method for evaluation and decision support will be created and also be available during the operational phase.

Even existing buildings will profit from digitalisation. Cost-effective and high-end imaging techniques are now available and can create a digital image of the property. These digital matched twins will act as a planning and control basis for business processes in all phases of the building lifecycle. This opens up opportunities for unforeseen optimisation potential.


Guest contribution by Dr. Stephan Wilhelm, Virtual Environments, Fraunhofer IAO
Advisory Board REIN

Fraunhofer IAO
Stephan Wilhelm