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Feb 2, 2018

Dirk Brandt: “Whoever believes the future begins tomorrow is mistaken.”

Dirk Brandt is the Drector of the Technical Facility Management / Construction Management department at STRABAG Property and Facility Services Dirk BrandtGmbH based in Frankfurt, Germany. Brandt is also a member of the Real Estate Innovation Network board and his company sponsors the Network. We ask him what he considers the biggest challenges for the digitalisation of the real estate industry. Dirk Brandt: “Digitalisation, automatisation, and interconnection affect our lives in a number of ways. Even the real estate industry cannot escape this megatrend and it is currently stuck in the middle of digital disruption. Digital platforms, virtual databases, and mobile terminals are only a few examples of digital development. So, the challenge of digitalisation in the real estate industry lies in making these advantages of digital development a reality for our customers. Then they will never do without it.”

Brandt is futher asked what he believes are the greatest opportunities. He answers, “Digitalisation does not simply offer the real estate industry the chance to be more efficient and more profitable, but also the possibility to develop business models with data based completely and solely on the property it concerns.” “So, what does this mean for the PropTech startups?” asks the interviewer. Brandt answers “We are living in the 21st century. Amongst the FinTechs, InsurTechs, HealthTechs, and the LegalTechs; there are also young and innovation startups with exemplary digital competence in our branch. The PropTechs are a present force and are driving the digital change within the real estate industry.

Interviewer: “What is your reason for engaging with the Real Estate Innovation Network?” Brandt: “The Real Estate Innovation Network creates a platform concerned with digitalisation where the traditional and established real estate companies can connect with PropTech startups. This is why it’s worth engaging with the network.”

The interviewer asks, “With what message does STRABAG address the digitalised market of the future?” Brandt: “Whoever believes the future only begins tomorrow is mistaken. I believe it is time the proprietors and the users are connected with the service providers over a digital platform. The future begins today!

Dirk Brandt