otto haas
Otto Haas
‎Head of Asset Management SRE
Siemens AG

Otto Haas worked for Siemens Corporate Technology between 1980 and 1999 as an electric and automatisation technician in various departments and various managerial positions.

In 1999, he moved to Siemens Real Estate as the manager of the real estate marketing department in Munich. In 2008, Haas moved to Berlin took over the Real Estate Management department for Siemens in Germany.

Since 2014, Haas is the Head of Asset Management for Siemens Nordbayern based in Erlangen. Additional to his technical executive function, he is a member of the management committee and head of the branches in Erlangen south and middle with approximately 14,000 employees.

» am convinced that digitalisation will penetrate the real estate industry, enable innovation, and change processes for the long term. The REIN initiative is an exceptional opportunity to network and connect current knowledge with future demand. The participation from startups is a prerequisite in order to bring the creativity, ideas, and the necessary speed of “digital natives” into a very conservative industry.«