Dr. Andreas Muschter
The Student Hotel
Dr Andreas Muschter is a lawyer and has worked for 19 years in various positions in Commerzbank AG. As of January 2013 until June 2020 he was CEO of Commerz Real AG, one of the biggest German Asset Managers. His main focus - besides growing profitably and successfully in the core business – was to transform Commerz Real to a sustainable and digital asset manager. In June 2020 he started as CFO at The Student Hotel, a developer, operator and owner of around 30 properties in European gateway cities. In this position, he oversees corporate finance, financial analysis and planning for operational locations and properties under development. As a business partner to TSH’s senior management and stakeholders, Andreas’ team, which is spread across HQ in Amsterdam and two regional hubs, provides a foundation to facilitate hypergrowth in a sustainable way, anticipating financing needs, and advising on efficiencies. He and his team takes an entrepreneurial approach to finance and value guest love as the most relevant KPI.