Apoorv has served as the president of CUT since the commencement of the Emissions Reduction Alberta Grand Challenge in April 2014. He holds a B Sc. In Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (2010) and manages technical progress, business development, and academic/industrial partners to assist in the validation, development, scale up, and subsequent commercialization of the firm’s technology. Using lean principles and adhering to the philosophy of open innovation, Apoorv and his team successfully finished the project proposed in the first round of the CCEMC GC more than 20% under budget and 3 months before the estimated timeline. Apoorv is a 2019 Globe VIP, a Clean50 2017 Emerging Leader, an Energy Futures Lab fellow, as part of a cohort of Albertans pulled together as a think-tank for policy trajectories which help Alberta make a transition to an low-carbon, sustainable energy future. Most recently, Apoorv was included in Alberta Oil’s “35 Under 35 list” in July 2016. He has represented CUT at various events including Watervent 2014, Rice Alliance CleanTech Forum 2015, Americana 2015, Globe 2016, DSN Network (Warsaw, Poland) 2015, Collision 2019, and a host of other events.
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