XtreeE, your number #1 partner for large-scale 3D printing equipments

XtreeE helps construction and industrial firms design and produce 3D-printed products. By organizing workshops, conferences and other forms of collaboration with its clients, XtreeE shares its knowledge of 3D printing during product co-design sessions with its clients. Thus, we are able to help our clients develop products that will enable them to take the best advantage of XtreeE’s 3D systems.

XtreeE rents and oversees connected large-scale 3D printing systems using multiple materials (concrete, clay, polymers, metals, construction by-products): 3D printing heads, precast 3D printing units, on-site 3D printing units. XtreeE also offers, in support to the installation of connected 3D printing systems, the training necessary to the launching of production at our clients’ facilities.

Finally, XtreeE offers real-time supervision of the printing systems, as well as recommendations to our clients to enhance the performance of their 3D printing installations (quality of the manufactured objects, material and energy consumption, uptime) and a global optimisation of the 3D printing network’s production.


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