Intelligent homes for a sustainable future.
  Manchester,  United Kingdom

2014 | Startup Stage


Wondrwall is technology company dedicated to changing the way we live and how we use energy. Combining intelligent AI powered home automation, clean energy production and super efficient heating systems, our modular solution helps the worlds homes, save money, time and the environment.

We are passionate about reinventing the way we live, by creating intelligent and convenient carbon free homes using the latest technology innovation.

The real power of Wondrwall lies in our light switch running its own operating system and housing 13 different sensors covering temperature, humidity, power, motion, luminosity and sound. Replacing the standard light switches with Wondrwall switches creates a sensory network of over 100 sensors throughout the home with machine learning and predictive modelling that learn your habitational patterns, as well as your home’s overall efficiency and performance.

Our easy to use and intuitive home automation system makes your home adapt to your needs and desires – automatically controlling heating, lighting, security and safety, with voice control technology to override any of our adjustments at any time. The Wondrwall home learns and works around you, observing how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most times in and how you use heating and lighting. In doing so, Wondrwall seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment without your input.

Our intelligent electric space heating and domestic hot water solution enables house builders and developers to deliver affordable gas-free homes today. Wondrwall achieves cost parity with gas heating and reduces energy consumption by 50% through data analysis and machine learning to avoid unnecessarily heating empty homes and spaces. Wondrwall is lower cost, easier to install and easier to maintain than alternative electric solutions.

Wondrwall enables Net-Zero homes that generate as much energy in a year as they consume. The Wondrwall energy management platform uses data from the Wondrwall light switches, batteries, solar panels and other sources to intelligently “time shift” consumption to maximise the use of renewable energy, use off peak energy for any residual requirements and deliver a localised smart micro grid that can disconnect from the main power grid reinforcing grid resilience and reducing homeowner annual energy costs by 90%.

Save money, save time, save the planet!

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