Wondrwall gives the home a brain and the intelligence to control itself.
  Manchester,  United Kingdom

2014 | Startup Stage


Current smart homes just follow orders. They don’t think for themselves.

When we started developing Wondrwall, we looked at the smart products in the market and were not impressed. It was all “control your home from your phone”. This was like using a remote control with a TV and calling it a smart TV. This just did not make sense to us.

The Wondrwall home learns & works around you

The Wondrwall home observes how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most time in and how you use heating and lighting. In doing so, Wondrwall seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment without your input.

The most advanced light switch in the world

The real power of Wondrwall lies in our light switch running its own operating system and housing 13 different sensors covering temperature, humidity, power, motion, luminosity and sound. Replacing the standard light switches with Wondrwall switches creates a sensory network of over 100 sensors throughout the home with machine learning and predictive modelling that learn your habitational patterns, as well as your home’s overall efficiency and performance.

Wondrwall automatically and intelligently controls heating, lighting security, safety and music, with voice control technology to change any of the settings at any time.

As an example of Wondrwall’s intelligence applied to energy saving, the home learns that you leave for work at 8AM, and knows the home will stay at the ideal temperature for 30 minutes, so automatically turns off the heating at 730AM. It also knows that you have left the home and automatically turns off all the lights. If you are delayed coming home and pauses the heating until you are your way back. It learns which rooms you are in and uses the temperature sensor of that room to avoid un-necessarily heating un-occupied rooms in the home. In this way it pro-actively works to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Wondrwall applies the same intelligence to other functions of the home, for example, although we have a full security system, we aim to stop burglars before they enter the home by sounding the alarm if we hear the sound of a window smashing and have an automatic simulated occupancy mode that turns the lights on and off when you are away during the hours of darkness.

For more info of the capabilities of Wondrwall, visit our website or watch the video on this site.


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