The Lumiduct creates energy positive glass buildings with an ideal indoor building climate.
  Delft,  Netherlands

2013 | Startup Stage


The Lumiduct from Wellsun makes transparent and energy producing buildings become reality. The Lumiduct enables full glass facades to generate more energy than dark walls completely covered with traditional solar panels. The Lumiduct creates an ideal indoor climate by selectively shielding the intense, direct light which is responsible for the glare and heating of the building, and turn this into electricity. At the same time the Lumiduct is transparent for the soft, diffuse light which is experienced as pleasant daylight. Therefor the Lumiduct is the ideal sun shading, resulting in 2 to 3 times as much daylight inside the building compared to ordinary sun shading. With over 15 times more power as electricity producing windows the Lumiduct combines the generation of huge amounts of energy with the creation of an ideal indoor climate.


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