Building Digitalization and 3D Plan Creation – Bringing BIM for existing buildings from theory into practice
  Munich,  Germany

2016 | Startup Stage


VOXELGRID supplies B2B combined hard- and software as a service (H&SaaS), in order to create

· Layouts
· Material information and
· Information of equipment features

for buildings.

The data obtained with the VOXELGRID hard- and software are the most cost-effective basis for introducing BIM (Building Information Modeling) for existing buildings. Existing buildings without reliable planning documents account for around 95% of the entire global real estate portfolio. VOXELGRID provides the information which geometries and which materials exist and among other things, which safety equipment is necessary and available for the building operation.

A device (European patent pending PCT/EP2018/053352) is used for this purpose, which uses different imaging methods for data acquisition. The data is then further processed using proprietary algorithms, including the Deep Learning method, to generate *.dwg files as well as IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) compatible 3D building data for BIM in existing buildings.

A temporary employee who walks with the VOXELGRID recording device through and around an existing building can record up to 10,000 m² gross floor area daily. With little post-processing effort, a 3D building model with floor- and facade plans including information on materials and e.g. safety equipment can then be automatically generated.