VisiLean Ltd
VisiLean is a unique Fully Integrated Project Planning & BIM Scheduling Solution Built on Lean Process.
  London,  United Kingdom

2015 | Growth Stage


Visilean was founded in Q4 2015 in Finland.

We have been providing our solution to the construction industry since 2016 and have been growing ever since.

Our solution was actually developed many years ago when BIM and Lean integration were just theories.

Currently, we have a global presence in Scandinavia, the UK, Finland and India.

Bhargav Dave, Martin Zilliacus and Stefan Boddy are the operational and technical drivers behind the solution.

VisiLean is the only product on the market offering a project planning solution, integrated seamlessly to a mobile app for real-time data. Directly connected to a 3D Model, offering 4D BIM scheduling to manage, predict and improve performance.

We also have included the Lean construction process in to our software complemented by Last Planner System for Digital Collaboration and no more sticky note sessions.


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