Automating construction - huts to skyscrapers
  Moscow,  Russia

2017 | Pre-Seed Stage


Our mission is to provide a sustainable and economical housing solution to the world's growing urban population through advanced 3D printing technology.
Comments :
The construction industry is one of the last industries to take advantage of the latest developments in automation. Building multi-floor buildings requires significant labor, equipment, materials, and time. VPT automates the construction of the carcass of high-rises, reducing the time and costs by 50%. Although there are some new 3D printers for buildings, they are quite small scale and can only print single-floor homes, as they are unable to print concrete floors. Therefore, they require concrete slabs to be brought from off-site if they want to build high-rise buildings. VPT, on the other hand, is the first automated concrete pouring technology that is able to make multi-floor buildings on-site using a creative approach using a lot of already-existing technologies with a spark of automation.