AI-Janitor - SaaS feature to property management softwares. AI estimates service and costs, suggests development plans.

Valuemate is young and dynamic company with very strong background on data, analytics and AI-applications as well as customer understanding and data based business.

Valuemate's concept is AI-Janitor. AI-Janitor is SaaS based feature to property management softwares (CMMS) and applications.

AI-Janitor helps to benefit from property data and estimate plans and actions. AI-Janitor gives you suggestions on maintenance actions, estimates incidents/ repair needs, estimates their costs and helps you with property development plans. We do not forget the importance of energy consumption and carbon footprint.

We have AI- Janitor's maintenance/ incident estimate ready and started AI business on Finnish market. We are currently looking for pilot customers on international market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested to include AI into your software!