Uniberry GmbH
Cido-Come in and drop off.
  Hamburg,  Germany

2017 | Seed Stage


Cido is an electronic device that offers flexible access management for apartment buildings without physical keys or transponders. Instead, barcodes are used, which are either already present (e.g. on parcels for shipment tracking) or can be generated on demand to integrate them into documents or ID cards. Deliverers scan the barcode of a parcel at the building’s main entry. If the shipment is labeled as “in delivery” and addressed to a resident of the respective building, the front door is opened automatically.
Thereby selective access can be granted to deliverers and companies from other industries such as cleaners or janitors.

Its possibility to grant selective access on demand is unique and being compatible to most major logistic carriers lets parcels themselves become temporary keys. Cido is the last missing link in an otherwise gapless transportation chain and enables new convenient delivery and service concepts.

We turn parcels into keys.


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