Singapore,  Singapore

2015 | Growth Stage


uHoo is the most comprehensive air monitoring and management system that enhances health and wellbeing, saves you energy and helps your building become more sustainable.

uHoo monitors nine air quality parameters:
1. Temperature
2. Humidity
3. Dust (PM2.5)
4. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
5. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
6. Carbon monoxide (CO)
7. Air pressure
8. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
9. Ozone (O3)

All the information is available on your mobile app and/or web dashboard. You will also get alerts, analysis, tips on what you can do to improve your air. We also provide APIs to integrate uHoo into your building system to automate building control and make sure your built environment is healthy and safe for its occupants while simultaneously optimizing your energy use.

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