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The Real Estate market’s information in South Europe and LATAM is opaque, outdated and, in many cases, biased. New international players demand instant information in order to make a financial decision through identification and management of opportunities from the distance; further, is not enough to know local market in real time, they need to predict and prescribe what´s next in this heterogeneous market.


uDA has developed Artificial Intelligence models of valuation, projection and prescription that allow best market decisions of investment/divestment. Big players can now maximize their yields according to their business models.

For this process, uDA platform automatically assign Value, Profitability, and Risk to a Real Estate asset; in a unique and documented way through 30 financial and 160 urban context indicators (KPIs) from more than 40 public and private Data Sources.


uDA allows to anticipate Real Estate investment opportunities according to investment horizon, expected yield and risk profile. It allows to make purchase decision of a house from the location of where and when to invest, until adjusting the fair purchase price to launch a concrete offer.

uDA allows 15% annual return growth derived from the different solutions throughout this purchase decision process.


LATAM and South Europe Real Estate market needs more transparency, homogenous and rigorous indicators that enable quicker decisions compared with international benchmarks. Every transparent market provokes less risk and a greater volume of transmission, maximizing Real Estate yields.


uDA platform manages, identifies and quantifies portfolio & opportunities all in one place and in real time. Has International, homogeneous methodology ready to compare; Automatically assign Value, Profitability, and Risk to a Real Estate asset. (Critical Data in front of you in real time); Analyze and predict trends in the market; Easily manage and monitor opportunities around; Client Report and communication ready (Lower your research costs).


First BigData & AI Brand in Spain & LATAM; More than 30 articles written & 200 mentions in best Spanish newspapers (451,1M online audience; 4,42M print audience); Talks & Round Table in main RE meetings (Meetpoint BCN, SIMA Madrid, REALTY Spain, Property Portal Watch, International Open Data Congress, London; Propteq Europe; MasterClass in main Universities & Business School (ESADE, IE, EOI, UPM).


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