Twente Additive Manufacturing BV
Digital Instructions through 3D Manufacturing

Twente Additve Manufacturing has undertaken to introduce digital manufacturing to the construction world through robotic integration and the specific technique of 3D printing concrete for architectural purposes. Within the first 10 months of operation our company built the world's largest 9 axis 3D printer capable of nearly 400m3 of build area.

We introduced this technology publicly for the first time at the 40th anniversary of the Big5 Dubai construction show and received great praise and a resulting long-list of potential clients looking to add 3D printing to their toolbox when constructing new homes.

Recently Twente-AM has entered negotiations on the development of wall printing machines specifically tailored to the high-rise market in the United Arab Emirates as well as undertaken to print an entire 25 home compound in Canada.

Twente Additive Manufacturing was founded by a young multinational team of engineers and technologists who have set out to engage immediately at the global level and push their concepts in as many markets as possible.