The Colony
Human-centered social communities & urban coliving eco-system based on sustainable module-houses: Living as a Service


The Colony wants to create positive impact on cities, the people living there and on the real estate market. We build social, integrative, inclusive and open-minded urban communities in smart and sustainable micro-house-colonies on "not typical" building ground.

Every piece of urban space can be used for a colony like rooftops, parking spaces, industrial wasteland, water, green field - temporarily or permanent. We connect our colonist via an social networking and service app with each other and the surrounding quarters.

We provide fully equipped co-living spaces for 2 colonist for a absolutely fair prized flat-rate membership - no rental contract or self-disclosure.

Our main USPs are:
- we create more than a living space – a whole social eco-system
- it's social & smart development of urban quarters
- we will encourage positive impact on society & city life
- living in smaller houses leads to less consumption & a lower ecological footprint
- we influence real estate market in a positive way
- we establish a fast, sustainable, cost efficient production
- our modular houses can be placed nearly everywhere
- The Colony is a perfect tool for urban redensification & for temporary / intermediate use
- our business model is a (social) "Living-as-a-Service"
- learn & improve: iterative development of production & platform