Tellus Title Company
Developing the worlds first Patent Pending Geo Coded Blockchain Protocol
  San Francisco,  United States

2016 | Seed Stage


At Tellus Title Company we have designed a new approach to real estate utilizing Blockchain technology. We believe the Real Estate Industry will benefit from a dedicated blockchain and that the curators and benefactors of this data would be best situated to bring this to market in a decentralized manner. That is why a tech company became a title company and developed the Tellus Blockchain Protocol. Tellus Title Company is developing the world’s first Geo Coded Blockchain with an integrated universal property identifier system. With only knowledge of a properties geo fence you can search the blockchain for real estate records which creates a decentralized land registry for publicly recorded records.

Real Estate has evolved into many segregated marketplaces with thousands of databases working incoherently together necessitating highly skilled and expensive manual intervention to connect the dots to close a deal. With Blockchain we are developing a singular distributed database that is capable of tracking any real estate asset in the world with our patent pending geo-coded Blockchain solution. With a blockchain solution designed with the primary intent to unify the industry we can bring business to business (and business to consumer) efficiencies to the real estate transaction cycle that were previously not possible with smart contracts. Having all contingent real estate data “on chain” makes smart contract execution possible without oracles. Our solution is unique in that we first devised a system and method to mathematically define any real estate asset in the world with a 3-D universal property identifier system. We then hard coded this system into our protocol such that we have standardized meta data which has practical applications for real estate. With a geo-coded blockchain we can archive and write data in real time in a usable and intuitive format.

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