Say hello to your Switchee, the smart affordable housing thermostat
  London,  United Kingdom

2014 | Startup Stage


Switchee is a socially conscious technology innovator, focused on finding elegant solutions to affordable housing issues. Switchee develop and supply connected devices and analytics for landlords and their residents. Our purpose is to empower landlords to create exceptional homes for their residents. We focus on delivering improved comfort, affordability, security and safety. Switchee developed its first product, a smart thermostat, in 2015 - specifically designed as an enterprise solution for affordable housing. Before product design had even started, the team conducted expert interviews with senior affordable housing professionals from a range backgrounds, including Local Authorities, Housing Associations, contractors and consultants. The objective was to understand in detail the issues they faced when tackling fuel poverty affecting their residents.

Since 2014, Switchee has seen rapid adoption through some of the biggest housing associations in the U.K. with the first large scale rollouts in Peabody and Flagship starting in 2017. Since then, over 45 housing associations have ordered more than 5000 thermostats to be placed in affordable housing developments across the country.

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