Studio for Information Design GmbH
We make BIM work, all day long. We love to juggle with (building) data as well as implementing new methods of digitization. We support companies that want to gain the most out of the BIM Methodology as a life cycle approach.
  Vienna,  Austria

2016 |


BIM services and project support

SIDE is to be seen as a technology partner for companies in the construction and real estate industries who want to successfully implement digitization.
We are working at the interface of future and present. Constantly at the forefront of innovation, we are serving as a catalyst by applying technological advancements to our own company or individually to specific projects. In doing so, we examine new developments or approaches and their suitability for practice, develop workflows and finally adapt them to the needs of our customers.
Independence and objectivity are important to us. Therefore, we do not depend on the software industry, but on a very thorough cooperation with strategic partners.
The focus of our work is the building information model (BIM), the digital twin. This information model is the foundation of a life-cycle-oriented consideration during planning, construction and operation. It forms the base for integral planning, analysis, simulation, visualization, evaluation and even predictive maintenance.

We realize this by:
generating digital data
connecting the data
and creating integral processes

Based on this practice-oriented approach, the following research fields emerge, whose solutions are currently being worked on:
Development of workflows in a heterogeneous project environment (software, roles & requirements, know-how level)
Development of platforms for cooperation
Development of specific training
Development of Austria-specific libraries for Revit

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