State of Place
Smarter Data. Better Places. Get It Done.

State of Place is an AI-driven built environment database, benchmark, and analytics software - think Moody's meets SimCity. We've developed an index that quantifies why people choose to live, work, or play in some places over others and tied that to social, environmental, and economic value. Our tool helps the real estate, citymaking, retail, healthcare, and insurance industries unlock maximum ROI from public and private properties.

We do this by extracting data on 290+ urban design features (e.g., sidewalks, benches, land uses) from digital imagery for every block. Our proprietary algorithms aggregate this data into a simple index from 0-100 that quantifies what people love about places. The customer can break down this score into ten urban design performance areas (e.g., pedestrian amenities, aesthetics, traffic safety), helping them objectively identify the assets and needs of a block, project, or neighborhood. Customers can automatically generate design and development recommendations, tailored to the goals they want to achieve (e.g., increasing office premiums vs. pedestrian volumes). Finally, our evidence-based forecast models that tie State of Place to a variety of real estate premiums allow customers to run unlimited scenarios to quantify which options have the biggest bang for the buck - both in terms of improving the built environment and also maximizing ROI. This not only takes the guesswork out of the design and development process, it saves time and unlocks value across the triple bottom line.

To date, we've helped over 28 cities and real estate developers in the U.S. and Europe make the investment case for better places, identify the specific urban design changes most likely to maximize the "bang for the buck" and ROI, and objectively market and communicate the value of their projects. Amassing over 2M+ data points manually, we've now developed visual machine learning models that allow us to extract built environment data automatically from digital imagery - and collect data for an entire city in hours! This positions us to become the only walkability/sustainable urban design database, benchmarking, and predictive analytics tool. This combination is unparalleled: we have data no one else has, at scale; a way to aggregate it into an index the market cares about; and a solution that helps identify the best built environment changes to unlock maximum value - while mitigating climate change and building a more sustainable built world.


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