SnagR is an onsite data collection tool. We offer the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting, and offer sophisticated analytics for the office.

There are systems that look a bit like us, but we go further. When you look at data collection, reporting and analysing that data, we are the most advanced. We know collecting data is very important. And analysing that information even more. As big data collection tool, we can provide in analytics per project, per set of projects or give an overview of all the projects of the company.
Visuals that fit the need of the company and look great at the same time!

We continuously are improving and adding new features to our system and processing the feedback from our customers.

With issue management, inspections based on your own templates and re-usable, smart automated notifications, progress monitoring, DMS export possibilities and smart analysing possibilities, we are far ahead of our competitors when it comes to data collection, reporting and analysing.

The tool is not only used in construction and infrastructure, but also facility management, manufacturing and ship building. That reflects the flexibility of the software and highly customisable features.


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