Smart Plants
We convert old buildings into smart data-driven ones under 15 minutes!

Smart Plants is an Internet of Things company creating and developing agile solutions for remote management of physical assets and energy optimization of infrastructures. We take existing assets in buildings and modernise them into intelligent, cost-saving ones.
Our poduct ClevAir is a Building Management System or Building Energy Management System that gives a holistic overview of the economic and technical details of all the climate operations in their facilities. And through the automated and predictive nature of the BMS, also saves energy.
With our product clients can
-remotely monitor their building’s indoor climate and energy usage 24/7
-Reduce their building’s operational and maintenance costs from 11 to 24%
-Allow buildings to meet carbon footprint benchmarks have stress-free energy audits
-Own and sell ‘smart’ buildings that self adjust climate based on people’s needs and even future weather forecasts
-Attract more tennants with a good energy rating and a property that stands out
-Provide the most accurately healthy indoor climate for its inhabitants to stay comfortable, happy and productive.
-Raise the resell value of their property 7%
We, Smart Plants, use data-driven technology to connect buildings of any size and age, and all the HVAC systems, equipments and assets housed inside, together and to users. Equipments and systems that are not ‘smart’ are IoT-enabled. Collectively the building and its in-house control systems generate large amounts of performance data that our BMS crunches and analyzes to:
automate the building’s operations to optimize energy performance of the building
provide alerts to relevant maintenance personnel for problems that ‘might’ occur. This saves building owners large amounts of repair costs and prolongs the life-cycle of the building’s assets like legacy HVAC systems.
provide key information to facility managers and building executives to make well-informed decision for the energy and operational cost savings in the long-term
All information is accessible on a smart, easy-to-use and visually appealing web analytics platform called ClevAir.


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