smartB Energy Management GmbH
smartB die neue Generation des Energiemanagements
  Berlin,  Germany

2013 | Startup Stage


smartB is reinventing energy management in commercial buildings. We employ cutting-edge non-intrusive technologies, algorithms and advanced sensor technologies to make the energy usage transparent for our customers and enable them to achieve step changes in energy efficiency. Our core value is turning data and sustainability into economic benefit for our clients. Since the energy accounts for 30% of companies operating costs, we address their most important cost lever.

In the past, measuring energy use down to the device level required multiple meters and high investment costs. As opposed to this smartB provides a transparent view of energy use in buildings - at an affordable price (attractive also for small business). Ideally, a single meter tracks energy data for the entire building in a high resolution (4000 measured values per second). Installing smartB in a building takes less than one day and there’s no need to turn off the power. This reduces hardware and installation cost significantly and saves resources along the value chain.

The exceptionally detailed tracking (4 kHz are far beyond usual 15 min values) and continuous analysis of energy data provide real-time transparency down to the individual device and enables system users to identify savings measures, document successes, fulfill increasingly strict legal requirements and actively contribute to reaching climate-protection goals. As a conclusion, big data analytics of energy data in commercial buildings enables valuable data-driven insights.

smartB is a Germany’s leading company for energy disaggregation (“NILM”) in commercial buildings.
The algorithms used for pattern recognition and developed by smartB automatically identify and classify electrical devices, anomalies, events and changes in the user behavior based on extremely detailed current data measured by the smartB meters.

In contrast, the smartB system presents energy data in a way that anyone - from engineers to business managers - can understand. With the unique and automatic pattern recognition tool, energy managers systems are lead by the system to detect anomalies, allowing them to quickly identify the causes of the problem and take corrective actions. This means, that the energy managers do not longer need to view or interpret all the data collected individually.
Using the intuitive and web-based smartB dashboard, users can easily identify, derive and prove significant energy-saving potential.


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