Enabling energy efficient and comfortable buildings for ​all occupants
  Nieuwegein,  Netherlands

2016 | Growth Stage


The future of smart buildings start with Simaxx: an online open source platform to control and optimise buildings. Seven days a week, day and night, you can check the performance of the installations in your building, with one glance of the eye.

We create turnkey solutions to improve indoor comfort to gain in productivity in the most energy efficient way. Simaxx delivers a platform which is developed from the perspective that buildings can be smart using the variety of data which the building provides and with a bidirectional interface with all measurement and control technology. Therefor Simaxx developed a platform that is trademark independent, connects to all kind of technical building systems including sensors and contains real time analytics. The next step is delivering control information to the relevant components to let the buildings adapt to what is needed for an optimized operation.

Simaxx’s vision is that a building tells it self how it can be smart. Letting buildings adapt, begins with the acquisition of data. We recognize that more and more sensors are unrolled in a variety of buildings to measure occupancy, indoor air quality etc. In our vision this data
must be acquired and combined with Buildings management systems, light control systems etc. to have real value to the end user.

We believe that the only way to let the building adapt to its needs is connecting all control technology in a building, analyze all data including data of additional sensor and let it adapt. Data is key. Therefor Simaxx has developed a platform which can connect systems from a variety of building
components, e.g. building management systems, light control systems, PV systems, access control, energy meters (heat, gas, electricity …), separate sensor systems (e.g. indoor comfort, proximity, movement, presence).

The platform is trademark independent and has connected already a mixture of suppliers, e.g. BR Controls, Delta, Deos, Desigo insight, Digicontrol, Honeywell, Schneider, Johnson, Kieback and Peter, Loytec, Webeasy, Celsius, Octalix, Plugwise, Priv

Simaxx is being used in over 400 buildings and these building already optimised. It is the dream of every buildings management and maintenance team. They take out a year subscription for our cloud software and within the first year they will earn back more than the cost of the subscription. No investments but savings. And on top of that, a contribution to a better environment.


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