ShareYourSpace GmbH
Share Your Space!

What is more sustainable and social than sharing?

In certain periods, specific days or hours workplaces and desks are empty. Both need and valuable guests for that space exist. And there ist potential for upside income with zero investment.

Space seeker: You - a start up, small or big project team, freelancer or home worker, small or big company who just now and then wants to connect to people - need a place to work but cannot agree to long term lease. Our service helps you to find your space!

Space provider: You - whether corporate or private - are owner or tenant of office space. Earn money or just be social. Our service helps you to share your space!

Simple. Superfast. Supersafe.

ShareYourSpace will be the "Airbnb for office" and provides office as a service and pay per use!

Our Mission: Boosting Flexibility + Sustainability In The Office World

Be sustainable. Be smart. ShareyYourSpace!