Our mission is to bring subsurface analysis into the digital age

Various industries and sectors seek to optimise and improve processes related to subsurface areas but the data required is not available. Existing solutions are expensive, require specific knowledge to operate and give low quality information about the surveyed areas. Companies often resign from low quality data for additional costs and choose taking operational risk. We believe that Spectral Ground Penetrating Radar can bring a true change with improved precision and adaptability.

As a direct solution to this problem, SGPR.TECH has developed next-generation surface radar that will become the basis of many applications dedicated to various industries. Unlike the impulse GPR radar, our Spectral Ground-Penetrating Radar technology uses radar technology with a broadband antenna that conducts the analysis in the domain of frequency, not time. Due to different ground material properties of electrical permeability in the frequency function, our innovation enables for the first time to obtain sub-surface 3D imaging with the possibility of distinguishing material composition and density. As an analogy, SGPR can see ‘colours’ and therefore enables far more precise modelling of the structures and indication of their nature and material, compared to GRP that is ‘monochrome’. Moreover, SGPR not only collects data that no other device can, but it is also fully automated, does it faster with less power demand and is cheaper.