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  Helsinki,  Finland

2015 | Startup Stage


Construction is a series of big and small contracts. We have developed a tool that allows you to make proposals and contracts (change requests and subcontractors colliding at contract borders). in one minute with a smartphone.

How to Make a Contract in Under 30 Seconds ?

Construction and maintenance require a lot of paper work, albeit it can be digital. It takes time away from productive work. In fact, around 70% of a construction worker’s time does not add value. Any solution that can ease communication, make information quickly available, and reduce errors has a huge ROI in construction.

An intuitive app like this has many potential uses on a construction site. The client, contractors, construction managers, and designers can quickly communicate their requirements and instructions as micro-agreements. Suppliers can use a video to negotiate a deal and turn it into a proposal.

As the final result is a video in a cloud service, you can place its URL in an email message, in a digital document, or on a page in an online contract portal. The video itself can be the contract or it can act as an appendix to it. Sessio has integrated Vontract with Signspace, an online electronic signature service.

Besides the app, Sessio has launched also a web browser based solution for quick no-install video collaboration for various scenarios.

By capturing verbal promises on video contracts we will increase traction and predictability. And eventually change the behavioural pattern (not letting out loose promises). Our long term vision is about integrating the video contracting into ongoing reform of global telephone standard so that any normal phone call can be switched into a contracting video call on our API.

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