Digital Construction Process Management Platform

Real estate projects are complex organisms. Keeping track is a challenge. Although project managers have come up with sophisticated methods and procedures to monitor progress and performance, they usually run after information and the people possessing it. Schedules become outdated on the first day of the project making it almost impossible to look ahead and steer the project based on reliable information.

Sablono’s solution is an online platform that focuses on work coordination around the overall execution process of construction projects. The Sablono platform enables a collaborative environment where anyone can feed and find progress information from a single database in real time, democratising the project’s information to anyone involved in it.

Projects can be planned and monitored based on standardised building sequences (strings) which are analysed and visualised in dashboards, progress visualisations and performance KPI’s. People in the field report progress information via Sablono's mobile apps which leads to an immediate update of schedules, performance charts and dashboards. In addition, QR-Codes can be used to seamlessly track prefabricated components from production to delivery to the final installation on site.

Sablono provides:
• Detailed planning based on standardized sequences and workflows
• Progress reporting through mobile applications in the field
• Automated notifications and reporting
• Real-time planned vs. actual analyses
• Transparent and reliable project information
• Automated trade-to-trade handover coordination

Sablono was designed for construction companies, general contractors, contractors and property developers working on large-scale residential or commercial projects.


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