roometric GmbH
measure and more: Digitize building sites via AR technology.
  Berlin,  Germany

2015 | Growth Stage


We digitize Building sites:

1. Measurement, by Smartphone, as simple as taking a Picture. The result: A 3 D measurement with correct measures made within seconds. For offers and billing you get a checkable calculation.

2. stick AR-messages like "plaster that wall" at the wall as a kind of yellow note. It is made visible by another user = another craftsman by using his smartphone. Information for the craftsman is now left directly on the site at the object to be worked with. No more misunderstanding and less mistakes.

3. create AR-checklists for the craftsmen can work step by step. Let roometric send the following carftsman the message: "I have finished, you can start with your work". That saves organisation work of site Supervisors and gives a documentation how did when and what.

4. Invite external specialist or producers to solve Problems or give advices. They are AR-wise projected directly on the object. So a lot of on site Appointments become superflous.