Online real-time 3D expert for real estate industry

Founded in 2013, REALIZ3D is a company specialized in creating online real-time 3D models for the real estate industry.

Thanks to state of the art technologies, REALIZ3D is able to broadcast its real-time 3D models on the internet whatever the device of the web user.

REALIZ3D has been experiencing a strong growth since its creation, working with most of major players in the real estate industry (developers, investors, brokers), mainly in France but also in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to offering high graphic quality 3D models, REALIZ3D created high value-added tools for its clients:
- REALPLANNER3D: algorithm of space-planning enabling its users to create a 3D space-planning in a few clicks based on the technical constraints of the building and the working organization of its future user. A very successful tool rewarded at the SIMI 2016 as the best innovation.

- REALDESIGNER: recently launched, this tool enables to very simply and efficiently design and furnish an apartment in real-time 3D. A growing success for a tool offering infinite possibilities at a very competitive price.

With over 50 persons, REALIZ3D is a fast growing blue-chip companies with international ambitions.