Make Electricity Safe
  Vancouver,  Canada

2016 | Seed Stage


Proxxi is a smart sensor that is targeted at electrical workers. It notifies the wearer by vibration (haptic feedback) when they get too close to an energized device, and helps reinforce the limits of approach. Initially targeted at industrial workers and those in industry at risk of electrocution, it is a device that provides companies peace of mind and visibility through smart, connected monitoring and insights into employee safety.

Each year, over 5000 industrial employees in Europe and North America are electrocuted, with millions more exposed to this danger in other industries. Each of these incidences costs between $1-4 Million dollars in direct expense, resulting in $5 billion per year expense with an order of magnitude more lost to indirect expenses. 

Currently, there are no ambient, connected, always-on devices used to detect electricity. The 40 million European and US workers covered by an electrical safety plan rely on outdated process to de-energize and follow lockout procedures. Proxxi provides that fail-safe backup to virtually eliminate the risk.


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