prop.ID - automation for landlords
  Vienna,  Austria

2019 | Pre-Seed Stage


There are many online tools available for real estate brokers, property managers and project developers, but not much for landlords.

prop.ID automates the complete rental life cycle (rent, manage, remunerate) for private landlords with 1-50 properties.

Instead of using several off- and online tools, landlords will find everything necessary combined on one platform. Tenants will get access to the hidden rental market.

RENT: Landlord find qualified tenants, based on a matching process. Tenants participate from the “hidden rental market” by searching directly, where landlord manage their properties.

MANAGE: Landlords provide valuable information to their landlords, who can look this info up on prop.ID instead of contacting the landlord directly.

REMUNERATE: Help private landlords create operating cost statements, and more.

Digitalize & automate rental processes for private landlords!