Improving logistics in large construction projects by automating scheduling & handling deliveries at construction sites.

We help deliver green buildings just-in-time by providing our clients with smart logistics system for sustainable construction sites.

ProperGate - what is it?
We build a software to automate material delivery logistics management at large construction sites. According to our estimates, the implementation of our solutions will save about 15% of the costs of such projects by optimizing logistics processes. Using ProperGate’s solution will make the construction project more sustainable and transparent as well as will help to implement it according to the schedule set by the investor.

After successful implementation of our prototype in 2017 at the highest tower in the EU we are working on the first pilots of our solutions in Dubai (UAE) and Rabat (Morocco). At the moment we are focusing on the construction of skyscrapers, office buildings, and residential buildings, but we will also expand our activities to public buildings, factories and warehouses.

Who will benefit?
With ProperGate, general contractors have a system to check the materials transported by subcontractors and the tools to verify progress through their usage. Investors, in turn, have a tool to check how general contractors are progressing with their work through the delivery of materials and comply with BREEAM env requirements. The subcontractors themselves gain a tool to plan the deliveries of materials they need for their work and as a result they won’t have to go around putting out fires by organizing last minute deliveries. Everyone wins.

What challenges we solve?
Logistics on construction sites are often controlled to a very limited extent or not at all. Supply chains are not digitized at all. All processes are based on outdated procedures. It is very difficult to plan the construction process if you do not have precise information on what materials, in what quantity, from which supplier will be shipped to the construction site at what point in time. This translates into stagnation and delays at the construction site, which in turn leads to increased costs and reduced sustainability of the entire development project. Lack of coordination is also devastating for traffic in the surroundings of the construction sites.

How ProperGate optimizes on-site logistics?
All deliveries are requested online by subcontractors and accepted by logistics coordinator, later monitored, coordinated and, if necessary, corrected. The whole logistics process is clearly scheduled and executed via our system.