Cambridge,  United Kingdom

2017 | Growth Stage


Project Etopia is about creating more economical and environmental developments through technological advancements, renewable energy generation and efficient modulated construction methods all rolled into one.
Etopia Homes are a revolutionary “real-time” turn key housing solution that incorporate the latest in design, architecture and engineering. Furthermore, all Etopia Homes are integrated with the latest technology. Combining these key elements allows us to revolutionise the construction industry by deploying our high quality, energy positive speed delivery development system across cities, regions and countries with speed at an affordable cost.

Our system is reusable. This means developers can simply click the system together, then when it is no longer required, they can take it apart, re-pack it and ship it somewhere else, making the usability and lifetime of the product unrivalled.

Our product has a lifetime of up to 100 years with minimal maintenance.

Zero Energy
As our systems have been engineered with energy in mind, we have ensured that we either have a Zero Energy or Energy Plus status.This is done by introducing low U Values, ancillary heat recovery, air control systems, solar panels and other forms of renewable energy.

LABC Warranty & BDA Agrement
LABC Warranty is one of the UK’s leading warranties and while we work on other global accreditations, insurances our system currently holds one of the leading warranties across
the market.

• We can bulid a 61 sqm 2bed for £15,000 in 8 hours
• Class leading thermal U-value - 0.09 to 0.13 W/m2k
• FIREPROOF Structural Fire Resistance 40KN (4tonne) - 66 mins
• WIND LOADING Withstands Hurricane and Cyclone Winds - Windloading: 27.40 kpa (472mph)
• STRENGTH - Exceptional Structural Loading - 825 KN (82 tonne)
• Energy+ - Our buildings are designed to reduce energy usage in every aspect and
increase energy production and energy recycling.
• passive design, smart home intelligence
• Etopia homes come with smart lighting, heating and cooling, 5g wifi capability, solar glass, solar cladding, smart blinds, security.
• Built-in electrical conduits for switches and wall sockets.
• Panel made from magnesium oxide board
• Highly impact resistant – both external and internal faces.
• Class leading air tightness – without the use of tapes or membranes.
• Designed for extremes in weather and outperforms in all conditions.
• Infestation proof – designed to work in termite areas.


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