Green and eco friendly solutions to the polyurethane market needs. Bio polyols for rigid and flexible foam applications.
  Riga,  Latvia

2014 | Growth Stage


Polylabs is an innovative Bio polyol production company established in close partnership with Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry.

Our company is manufacturing Bio Polyol - a high quality and Bio based polyol from renewable and sustainable resources for the polyurethane industry. Our clients are polyurethane system houses and manufacturers of various construction materials such as insulation and rigid PU foam.

Polyurethane is all around us – from clothing and accessories to aeronautics and space industry. The list of companies nowadays using polyurethane is endless and Polylabs provides a green and eco-friendly solution to many decades of global petrochemical polyol consumption.

TECHNOLOGY - Our product is a result of almost 45 years of research and experience from our scientific partner - Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry.

COMPETITIVE PRICE - Compared with polyols of petrochemical origin, our Bio polyols provide not only a sustainable material source, but also have a stable and competitive price, which does not depend on the crude oil market fluctuations.

RENEWABLE SOURCE - We produce polyol using raw materials from renewable sources such as rapeseed or tall oil.

GREEN PROCESS - no harmful emissions or by-products are created during the process of our Bio polyol synthesis.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - together with our scientific partner we have developed excellent after sales service, PU system development, process fine-tuning, PU testing at our facilities and product development cost share program with the mindset of better and greener future for polyurethane industry.