PlanRadar is a cloudbased SaaS solution for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects.

Today there are in each construction and real estate project in average 1-2 defects every 10m². Our solution with web access and native apps for all kind of mobile devices supports the user in recording, documentation, communication and tracking of tasks and defects.

PlanRadar has already more than 3,500 customers from 43 countries worldwide and every single month more than 1,800 new companies register via our website to manage their projects with PlanRadar.

Project managers, architects, technicians, asset, property & facility managers can record tasks and defects in a cost & time saving way directly on the site with their tablet or smartphone and assign them in real time to the responsible project stakeholders.

Our USPs are:
- Used in entire building life cycle and construction value chain through 100% flexibility
- Cloudbased: no installation; can be used anywhere, anytime, also offline
- Ease of Use: fast, intuitive; no training required; support effort per user per year less than 1h
- Business model: no consulting or service costs, just licence fee -> TCO for customers much better
- All platforms available: all browsers and all smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows)
- User on-boarding in less than 10 minutes
- Save 7 work hours per week, about 18% of work time!


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