PLACE Strategy GmbH
Digital process analysis platform.
Improve efficiency with Digital Lean Construction.
  Stuttgart,  Germany

2018 | Growth Stage


We help the construction industry to analyze processes digitally and work more efficiently using lean construction. This enables our customers to handle projects up to 35% faster and more efficiently!

Our data-driven software helps to manage design and construction projects collaboratively, using lean construction methodologies. We collect all the process data during design and construction and evaluate it in order to exploit the maximum potential. As a result, the communication between project planners and trades improves leading to significantly fewer coordination errors and deficiencies. We do not only provide the software but consult our customers in implementing lean and using the software in their projects. We analyze the individual starting situation and thus determine the implementation strategy. Through the training sessions and workshops, we bring project stakeholders closer to lean and the software to ensure a smooth flow. Our goal is to bring lean to the next level.