Know what's happening on the ground
  Tel aviv,  Israel

2018 | Seed Stage


Placense is a venture backed by innogy (A Germany energy provider and of the largest in Europe) and Nielsen, a leading global information & measurement company, provides market research, insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy. We provide real-time information about physical foot traffic anywhere in the world. The user inputs an address and instantly gets information that, up to now, was the sole property of the online world. for example: Number of people, Where they came from, Where is home, Method of transportation (Car, Bike, Tram, Truck, Bus etc....), Gender, Age, Income Level ,Retention (how often do they revisit a location), Parking Duration, Do they have kids? Do they have pets?
We harness the power of sensor data and on-device processing by integrating our technology (proprietary SDK) with installed apps (e.g. London Tube Map) on people's phones (currently 10M devices in Germany alone). We leverage the fact that unlike mobile data competitors, the value and insights we generate from the data is not personal but rather aggregative, therefore in a user perspective it is non-intrusive and not compromising the sensitive information of each user. Having said that, It is well known that ‘anonymous data’ often isn’t that anonymous.  To prevent such a cross-reference, we developed proprietary mathematical algorithms to make sure this data is totally private whenever it is in any way exported or exposed.


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