Dynamic location insights powered by Machine Learning and Privacy by Design
  Tel aviv,  Israel

2018 | Seed Stage


SUMMARY: In the online world, any website owner can use google analytics to understand people's online behavior. Placense brings these capabilities to the offline world of commercial real estate. We empower decision-makers to understand why, how and when people visit locations.

PROBLEM: A leading supermarket chain looses over 60 million Euros annually because they open stores in locations with no demand. All commercial real estate companies we talk to face the same challenge: Million-euro decisions concerning expansion and optimization are still based on gut feeling, unspecific reports, and outdated methodologies, e.g counting people who live closeby or pass by a location. They all lack access to context-specific data to make smarter decisions.

MISSION: We change this. Placense empowers decision-makers to understand people's offline behavior anywhere and anytime.

SOLUTION: By analyzing millions of smartphone signals from multiple locations, our machine learning algorithm is able to provide a customized recommendation of where to open a store or how to optimize it. Through our online dashboard, decision-makers can understand why most people visit the locations based on:
- when (e.g. Friday, 12 pm), how (e.g. car) and what type of people (e.g. 30-40 year-olds) visit it
- where people come from (e.g. 5km away) and where they go (e.g. 2 other supermarket chains)
In a click of a button, clients can access these insights for any location in Europe and compare them to other locations of interest - without having to install hardware, count people or conduct surveys.

SECRET SAUCE: As all insights are anonymized, thereby delivering privacy peace of mind: Our proprietary privacy algorithm modifies data records, so it becomes practically impossible to conclude anything on individuals, while statistical insights remain accurate at scale.

TRACTION: The unique approach of combining advanced machine learning-analytics with cutting-edge privacy capabilities has attracted high-profile clients, including Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, Media Markt, and IKEA. Placense is backed by the Innogy, one of the largest European utility companies (now part of E.ON), and Nielsen, a marketing and media technologies company operating in over 60 countries.


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