Parquery analyses images from any camera to provide real-time results on parking availability and exact parking duration
  Zurich,  Switzerland

2014 | Expansion Stage


Parquery analyses any image from any camera to detect objects and provide real-time results to customers in the smart city - smart mobility sectors. If cameras are already installed, then no additional infrastructure is required. Parquery’s smart parking solution provides real-time results on both parking occupancy and exact parking duration to customers: retail, real estate, airports, train stations, private car parks, bus depots, petrol stations.

The innovative and built in-house object detection technology is however very flexible, and Parquery is now diversifying its portfolio to answer requests for space management, fuel station management, bus depot management and detection of goods in warehouses or in delivery zones for instance.

Created in 2014 as an official spin-off from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Parquery currently operates more than 60 projects in 30 countries worldwide.


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