We make private parking available to the public. We provide an affordable and sustainable parking option while generating extra revenue for building owners.

At ParkBee we make private parking facilities (like office building parking garages) accessible to the public. Many office buildings have vacant parking spots. Parking facilities are used only 8 hours a day and during evenings and weekends they are completely empty. Also due to over capacity there can be availability during office hours. With the ParkBee solution we can offer affordable and easy parking at A locations to the public, and at the same time generate extra income for a garage owner. ParkBee developed the hardware and back-end platform to open up the barriers of these locations and collaborates with the major parking app providers (like Parkmobile and Park-line in The Netherlands and RingGo in the UK). Consumers can easily open the barrier with a click in there favourite parking app. ParkBee adds 5 to 10 new locations to the ParkBee network on a monthly basis. Is active in the Netherlands and the UK (together with RingGo). For many real estate organisations the optimal use of resources is an important matter. The utilisation of un-used parking spots can create value in multiple ways. It is a key requirement for environmental attractiveness of the building. It can create an additional revenue stream and optimise the use of the building.


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