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We bring Legal and Prop Tech together: Legally clever!

Online Immo provides a legal transaction platform which services the buyer, the developer, the real estate broker as well as the lawyer, and makes the process more transparent and easier for every member involved in the transaction.

1. The developer gets an overview over all the sales of the whole real estate development, able to spot any problem-properties early and is able to intervene accordingly. He also gets real-time statistics on the flow and management of funds, feeding into his own cashflow strategies.

2. The platform is especially useful for first-time buyers, with a clear overview of the whole property process and real-time updates of every step they make on their way to their (first) own home. This means fewer individual questions from buyers, which relieves the lawyer and broker especially.

3. The lawyer is able to save time and spent fewer hours tediously gathering together the many necessary papers for a property sale, with the system providing email templates for standard emails, a contract template, finance authority and tax authority charts.

The Online Immo platform is self-explanatory, provides real-time statistics and decreases the time which a legal transaction takes to complete, while pin-pointing where potential hold-ups are.