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nymea, the ‚Android‘ for connected things.

nymea is a toolbox for professional smart devices.

IoT products (smart city/home) always need quite similar technologies: authentication, cloud connections, integrations from/to other systems, App control and much more. nymea offers these fundamental communication functionalities on a very high quality level and continuously improves them through over-the-air updates.

The best: it is open source, and anyone can use it. For reliable operation, the company offers service level agreements and overtakes responsibility for secure and reliable operation of the smart product.

The focus of the nymea team is on device layer, because most of the security issues happen on linux embedded and the firmware.

Nymea is already used as underlying OS for car chargers, PV systems, irrigation systems, security systems, smart home devices, smart door locks, access control systems and more.

nymea safes the majority of the costs for implementation and operation of smart products.