NODE is a cyber secure, landlord controlled fibre network, supporting digitally connected, smart buildings.

What NODE does is install and manage a single, landlord controlled fibre network, giving occupiers unlimited access to the Internet Service Provider marketplace on a plug & basis, removing the need for wayleaves, driving competition and reducing the time to full connectivity from months to days.

NODE differentiates itself in its neutrality, acting as both an infrastructure and service platform.

The founders identified a complete lack of operational efficiency in fibre delivery, with significant delays and unnecessary costs caused by the wayleave process, alongside a separation between a building or estate’s customer service targets and an occupiers actual experience in the connectivity space. Up until this point, fibre has been the only building specification not managed by the landlord.

Acting as the landlord’s digital advisor, by way of a NODE Hub located in the comms room, this manages all incoming service providers and distributes them on an unlimited basis across a cyber secure network. NODE is the only operating platform that puts the solution in the landlord’s complete control, while providing a best in class expert in connectivity as a partner.

The solution is the result of over four years of operational, contractual and legal groundwork to build a fully implementable, institutionally acceptable approach to future-proofing connectivity in the built environment.

We live in an increasingly digital world and we provide an on demand solution. NODE has created Connectivity-as-a-Service.

NODE supports a best in class Grade A specified building, reducing occupational risk and associated shortfalls, with a direct impact on underlying investment value.

NODE is fully committed to minimising its carbon footprint and promoting the impact of its sustainability associated initiatives, including energy efficiency and significantly reduced material wastage relative to a conventionally connected building.

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