The flexible white-label platform to manage and scale coworking workspaces
  London,  United Kingdom

2012 | Expansion Stage


Nexudus empower users to have the freedom of scaling and optimising their spaces without leaving their comfort zone, coworking space landlords are able to manage their space with ease. They are provided with access control, flexibility, tech support, custom features, data analysis, communications and mobile optimization.

Our platform is based on two sets of features that we believe are key to building a successful coworking space:

OPERATIONS - Handling payments, bookings and keeping on top of who is in your space at one time are some of the daily issues for a coworking space manager.

Nexudus simplifies tasks by automating most of these processes like CRM, reminders, task lists, billing, etc whilst integrating with several systems such as access control, printing management, visitor management and Wi-Fi access and enhancing your experience through surveys, a mobile app for your users to access your space on the go and much more.

COMMUNICATIONS - Building a community is key to growing a successful coworking space and our simple and user-friendly interface helps to achieve this by supporting a coworking network around your space.

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