The Green Future of Concrete. Environmental Composites for Improved Resilience & Preparedness long-lasting safe building

Nanoarchitech is a South Silicon Valley Tech Group poised to spread globally to provide resilient, sustainable and energy-embedded building composite technology for commercial and residential architecture. The tech is proven to withstand hurricanes and fire when used for coatings and precast panels. We offer high-quality composites for 3-D printed large scale structures, replacing high CO2 cements with a stronger, lighter and fast-curing alternative to commonly used materials. Neuskyns™ come in 200 UV protected colors for low-maintenance long-lasting protection reducing the labor & waste of rebuilding with inadequate legacy materials. We can integrate solar onto the building skin and stores energy, offering a multi-dimensional solution for preparedness in scenarios where high temperatures, winds and water pressure create challenging events for buildings to survive.

The Mission of this company is to reach as many destinations in the 80 countries we hold patents in to form partnerships and a variety of business arrangements to spread the use of supermaterials for resilience and preparedness with a solution to affordable housing addressing the rising global population.
The green culture of the company will have a massive effect on the reduction of high carbon cement clinker plant and oil and gas use while absorbing carbon from the atmosphere onto the building surface. Neuskyns™ offer multiple advantages over legacy materials and prepare communities to save billions of dollars in losses from increasing climate related disasters. Another characteristic of the materials is that Neuskyns™ are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial and provide a safe haven. As the quality of the environment diminishes the need for antimicrobial and hypoallergenic refuge from the exterior air becomes increasingly important. We offer a major upgrade in applications of NanoArchitech manufactures Neuskyns™ and formulates cementitious, nanoceramic coatings and composites that are all characteristically lighter, stronger, quick-setting and highly resistant to fire, water, mold and toxins to a much higher degree than common or Portland Cement and many other building materials. NanoArchitech’s product line is proprietary and patented in eighty countries. The composites are made from commonly available minerals and recycled materials for Construction 3-D printing , precast and coatings that can rejuvenate old structures beyond their original integrity.


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