Shape the future of construction
  1700,  Switzerland

2018 | Startup Stage


MOBBOT is a young and award-winning start-up that redefines 3D concrete printing and offers a unique technology for construction companies. The company has gained rapidly traction by its unique additive manufacturing technology.
The company offers a 3D printing system (hardware and software) that associates a patent pending printing head and deposition process. The technology allows custom-made concrete elements of 2 Tons to be printed within 20 minutes. MOBBOT enables customers to save time and costs. A 5-day job site work is cut down to less than a 1 day. The fabrication costs are reduced similarly. The company is setting a new fabrication standard for the construction industry.

MOBBOT's 3D printing technology is the only one that uses “conventional” concrete available globally, and enables the integration of rebars.
The fast-growing company focuses today on resilient and sustainable infrastructures. But the applications are numerous. International construction companies are interested to apply the technology for sustainable housing projects.


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