Locarta GmbH
The Google Analytics for the real world

Locarta is a location data science company market research agency that provides a new class of analytics based on location, with the aim of making the offline world as measurable as the online one. To do this, the company has built a panel of 1.8m German smartphone users that have agreed to anonymously share their location - all in accordance with European privacy law (GDPR). Locarta uses this data to understand how people move around cities and which places they visit.

Locarta can provide analyses on passers-by for any location in Germany. These include not just accurate passer-by counts but also demographic splits and home locations of passers-by. Locarta also measures store visits and can provide detailed insights on catchment areas, visitor market share, customer loyalty and cannibalisation from competitors. Not only can we do this quicker and cheaper, we do it more accurately (thanks to precise GPS data) and with richer information (since we know a lot about our panelists’ demographics and interests from first party data).

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