Blockchain for decentralized workflows

Contract innovation for Real Estate
LegalThings eliminates the pain points that are associated with the drafting of Real Estate agreements. Streamline your everyday processes and work more efficient using innovative features and implementations.

Go paperless with LegalThings today.

Transform the drafting process of Real Estate agreements
Drafting any Real Estate agreement is a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Property-dependent data, reviews by multiple parties, version control, signing, and alteration requests by clients are just some of the factors that come into play. Delays caused by human error are often hard to avoid.

When one takes into account that the complete rental agreement process consists not only of the rental agreement, but also of rental proposals, fact sheets, allonges and termination agreements, the benefits of automation become evident.

With LegalThings, any Real Estate company is able to automate and digitize the entire contract lifecycle process. By integrating with your existing systems and solutions, LegalThings makes your organization work significantly more efficient, quick and error-proof.

Our solutions

The LegalThings contract drafting-tool facilitates (Real Estate) B2C & B2B-providers with the integration of LegalForms in our SaaS, on websites of in applications through plugins and API’s.

Have clients and relations draft their own agreements from within your environments. Edit in Microsoft office and sign digitally with blockchain technology for unique customer experiences.

Add FIRM24’s notary service for end-to-end B2C-solutions.

Streamline your internal Real Estate processes with the LTO Network workflow engine through adding actors, notifications and due dates to your existing contract lifecycle processes in your custom white label environment.

Drafting Real Estate agreements becomes easier and less error-prone by importing static building data right into your agreement. Top up your processes with advanced IT-integrations into other applications, such as CRM-, financial, and building management systems.

A contract describes procedures to execute one or more promises. With Live Contract technology we turn contracts and processes into business rules and data that allows automation in a decentralized way. Involve third parties and share data automatically by creating decentralized workflows through blockchain.

This way complex inter-organizational business processes will belong


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